B      I      K      E      S

Dedication seldom seen….


Powell strives to deliver the best in carbon fibre bikes and components. Each frame is made to order for individual riders and is designed, built and finished to your requirements combining carbon fibre layups of the highest standard to bring the utmost level of quality in ride, aesthetic and performance.



Powell’s bike fitting philosophies are based in combining performance and comfort for its riders. No two bikes will be the same and we design frames based on riders contact points that results in a superior ride quality with specific attributes to your style of road cycling.



Because we work with diverse materials and use advanced systems to design our custom bikes, we have the ability to build frames perfectly suited to the needs and goals of our customers. We strive to bring a value to the custom bike that simply doesn't exist in mass production bikes. We think that value will manifest itself in the forms of unbeatable fit, durability and technical superiority.



We are not a bike shop. We pride ourselves on taking a consultative approach, discussing in person your requirements right down to the last detail. We will advise as best we can but at the end of the day, this is your bike, the way you like it.



How you ride says a lot about you, what you ride says even more.