B      I      K      E      S

Superlite - Black


One look at the Superlite, and you know what this bike is about. It looks quick standing still. And as the months of testing proves, it is fast. The most radical design ever created by Powell which took three years to develop and when it comes to performance; we’ll put it up against any other aero road bike on the market.



Every road rider is drawn to the promise of more speed. Ride faster with less effort? Sure, who doesn’t want that? That’s the whole idea behind the “aero road” bike category. Typically you’ll find aero bikes make huge sacrifices to improve aerodynamic efficiency. Predictable weight and ride quality however fresh thinking has been applied to the technical problem.  



Powell made the decision to produce the bike as a whole, not just the frame in isolation. With components becoming lighter all the time, the designers put the strength and torsional stiffness where it’s needed the most….. The frame.



Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a heavy frame, at around 1200kg* (including the integrated seat post) it’s lighter than most you’d find on the Pro Tour. The carbon layups have been increased around the bottom bracket, head tube and chain stays where it’s needed to transfer the power and retain excellent torsional stiffness. The seat tube has a sleek, wind-cheating aerofoil and cut-away, integrating the rear wheel to deflect turbulent air flow and reduce drag.



The Powell Superlite represents the perfect balance of weight, aerodynamics, torsional stiffness and comfort resulting in the most advanced road racing bike available. The Superlite comes standard with integrated seat post and will be prepared for you during the bike fitting process and is available in a full custom fit and stock size.